Home Project

Home project counter 3 won 11.44 kw Covering a monthly bill of 15 dinars. JA Solar Panels – Huawei Inverter Engineering design and technical execution with the finest details For more info please message us or contact: 0797573971 <br> مشروع منزلي عداد ٣ فاز بقدرة 11.44 كيلو واط تغطية فاتورة ٢٠٠ دينار شهري ألواح JA…

Al-Rashid suburb

Another project done by our team in Amman – Al-Rashid suburb Using Jinko (Bifacial and Inverter Huawei boards Project: 10.0 kw peak Annual production:        17,500 kw Annual Savings:             2,975 JD For inquiries, please message us on the page or call the following numbers. 0799352428 0797573971